About Us

Hi Peeps,

I am Disha, the founder of Quirky Story. Quirky stands for something unique and unusual, Whereas story- I am sure you will like it.I am a graduand, yes, who is about to get a graduation degree in the year 2020. God knows if the interviewer asks me to stay home and stay safe without even recruiting me!I am from jamshedpur and currently living in kolkata for my education. I am an ambivert which is both an extrovert and an introvert. The introverted side helps me to stay in touch with myself and has developed me into a bibliophile and the extroverted side indulges me in becoming a socially active person and also an epistemophile.I have started this blog to share with you all my perspective about whats happening around and keeping you updated about every niche. This is where my inquisitive nature will come into force and will serve you with a hot plate of quirky news. This blog also contains a sector called my world where I post about everything which intrigues me and which i find fascinating. as this blog is solely run by a tempting person so, News here will be as usual intresting.

Since you are here I wish you good health and hope you enjoy reading my blog.

Stay happy!