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9 fun trivia from The Big Bang Theory, season 1, episode 1

What an amazing sitcom it is! This is the third time I have been watching TBBT, and every time I watch it I can’t stop myself from laughing. I am sure this same thing happens to you too. This sitcom was started in 2007 and ended in 2019. In this 12 years this show has gained a lot of popularity and has won many awards. One thing which I personally like about the making of this show that no matter what the director has managed to keep the  cast entact through out the show, which grabbed the attention and intrest of the audience.

During my second round of bingeing TBBT on prime videos, I came across some fun trivias which the platform gives for the viewers to know more about the show. So, here are the trivias from the season 1, episode 1 of the show. I am sure these will help you too enjoy the show to it’s fullest and will also help you to know the characters well.

1. The experiment discussed by sheldon at the very beginning of the episode is a quantum version of the well-known “double-slit experiment.”

2. When the guys first notice Penny, her boom-box was playing the song smile by Lily Allen.

3. Sheldon reveals that he has 212 friends on myspace.

4. In the opening scroll of the time line when it gets to 91,000 there is a mistake the dates read 93,000BC 92,000 BC 91,000 BC 90,000 BC for some reaon 91,000 is a 9C not a BC.

5. While Penny has a pleasant outgoing personality, Katie (Amanda Walsh) from the unaired pilot (2006) opening was meaner and mocked them. Penny does have a temper and some of this personality came over from the first pilot when she’s really mad. By later seasons, Penny’s personality almost matched Katies’s.

# Unaired pilot means the episode which was to be telecasted but didn’t. This episode was shoted in 2006 where the girl the boys met was Katie and not Penny. Later katie was replaced with penny. Katie’s character was mean which is exactly opposites of Penny.

6. The Darth Vader shampoo and the Luke Walker shampoo which Leonard refers to actually exists, but there isn’t a conditioner.

7. This is the only episode where Raj is seen wearing a hat.

8. Refrences The Hitchhikre’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005): Koothrappali wears a hat with “42” on it.

9. The filming location of the scene when Leonard and Sheldon goes to get Penny’s T.V is Stage 25, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios – 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA.

Hope you all enjoyed going through these trivias, do comment and tell whether I should post more trivias for you all.

Remember Pandemic is not over yet so stay at home and binge your favourite shows till everything gets normal and believe me watching the episodes with the trivias in head is a total delight.


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