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India made Tencent Games loose $14 billion

What the heck! $14 billion, this was the sum Tencent Games were earning just from India. This is an incredibly huge sum of money for any nation to uplift its economy. The loss which the company is facing is only because of our government decided to ban these chinese apps. PUBG, which was one of the mobile games runned by Tencent is also included in the list. People were so into this game that the fact they were benefitting them just went blur.

It’s hard to beleive that the gamers are still grieving over the matter they cannot play PUBG again. They cannot even imagine how much of an acquisition it had made. 50% of Indians had downloaded PUBG. With this revenue, surely they are not going to help in our prosperity.

PUBG Mobile was a phenomenon in India and birthed a whole new culture around mobile gaming. India grew to become the biggest market for Tencent Games on the account of PUBG Mobile, and its ban was sure to make a mark.

Versions of PUBG were initially only available on computers and consoles. In March, the game was launched globally on iOS and Android. Soon after its mobile launch, the app topped the charts on App Store and Google Play, beating old-time favourites such as Temple Run and Candy Crush Saga. And while these games are less than 100 MB in size, PUBG’s size is over 10 times larger.

The bold action taken by our government has really turned out to be in our favour. In total more than 200 chinese apps are banned in India. It is a decision protecting our life and country.


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