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Dead bodies of corona patients are being swaped

Coronavirus is causing Chaos in Delhi. The Kejriwal government is doing everything possible to prevent corona. Chaos has a rose in the trauma centre of AIIM’S regarding the bodies of the patients who lost their lives from the corona.

This uproar has happened after receiving the news of changing the body in the hospitals. People created a lot of chaos. The Delhi police officials said that due to corona women died in different groups, after which one side did the last rites in the hospital and the other side saw dead woman’s face before the cremation. Then they got to know about the body swap.

People created a ruccus in the hospitals. This dispute on both sides has interrupted the hospitals environment.
Delhi police said that the last rites of the two have been performed on Tuesday and the matter of changing the bodies Dead bodies are packed and handed over from the hospitals and they are not allowed to open. So to identify the dead bodies the name of the deceased is written on it. In many cases changing the bodies of those who died of coronavirus has come up. Similar kind of news is coming from the lok Nayak hospital and a IMS about the bodies swap.


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