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PM launches Atmanirbhar Bharat app challenge

After banning 59 chinese apps, PM Narendra Modi launches The Atmanirbhar App on 4th of july. This app is an initiative towards the slogan “Make In India”. This applciation’s aim is mainly encouraging tech and startup companies. The tech and startup community now has a platform and an opportunity to expand their business and make India a self dependent country.

The challenge signifes the enthusiasm of the innovators to create and use their talent to benefit India. Through this app our PM invites the creators and innovators across India to design apps in eight given category. This app helps the local developers to create indigeneous in house application.

The government have launched this app in the combined partnership of the Ministry of Electronics and IT and Atal Innovation Mission- Niti Ayog.

Furthermore the basic purpose of this app is to identify the best Indian app working and whether it has the potential of becoming a world class app or not. This innovation challenge consists of many cash rewards and incentives. The rewards are for creating an eco system friendly enough for promoting start ups.

This apps will help in the growth of India. In addition, incentives wil be given to start ups to incubate and build. Development of these apps will not only help our people but also the whole world will benefit from it.

The following 8 categories are as listed:

  • Social Networking
  • E-Learning
  • Healh and wellness
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Games
  • Business including Fintech and Agritech
  • Office productivity and Work from home

In the end, the decision of launching the app arises from the abandonment of the chinese apps. Thus to replace these kind of apps the Innovation challenge is introduced. As a result, not only this app is making india digital but also a self sufficeint country.



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