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8 police officer encountered in Kanpur: criminal missing

8 police officers killed in kanpur on 3rd july during a fierce combat. This combat was between the police officers of kanpur and the notorious criminal Vikas Dubey’s gang. This act is being projected as a simple trap or ambush into which an unsuspecting police party walked in.

Vikas Dubey is now missing after encountering 8 police officers. This dangerous criminal was residing in his residence for a long time untill an arrest warrant was issued against him. As soon as Vikas learned about this, this dangerous criminal started planning a trap for the officials.

That was apparently the third time the police officials tried to arrest him after failing in the last two time. As the police officials reached to take him in custody, unware of the upcoming disaster. The street lights were smashed and the roads were blocked with JCB. As it was the thirteenth day of the bright lunar cycle, it was pitch dark disabling the officers to see properly. Without any night glases the officers tried to enter the location. A group of assailants allegedly opened fire at the police. The police being unaware of this fact didn’t had their helmets and the bullet resistant jackets on faced this firing with the ammunitions present with them.

DYSP Devendra Mishra after being attacked took shelter in one of the houses. Unfortunately that house turned out to belong to Vikas’s maternal uncle- Prem Prakash Pandey. Devendra Mishra was shot in the head there. One SI and one constable was also found dead. Two were found outside the door and one was found in the verandah.

5 cops surrounded the half built toilet but no use. The toilet was about 50 m from the house and was under high surveillence. dysp’s body was mutilated with a sharp object, whereas five dead bodies of the cops were piled up, one on top of the other.

The nephew of Vikas Dubey, Amar Dubey snatched some of the weapons and arms from the police and backfired them. The police were outgunned and were surprised and hostile. consequently the encounter of the police officials occured.

The information of the raid was likely to be leaked by the police: as said by the reporters. Many aspects are yet to be looked into and the investigation is on. It is stated that two police troops were employed to arrest the dare devil criminal but the police lacked in protection. Was it a fully planned encounter? It is yet to be discovered.

Vinay Tiwari of chaubeypur, PS is in suspension. He is the suspect of leaking the information. However he alone cannot be responsible of this fatality. Many question arises regarding this act.

Vikas Dubey’s house when broken down, guns, gunpowder, automatic weapons were found. A s it seems he was a criminal of very high power to keep this amount of ammunitions without any question from the intelligence.


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