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Foods to have for a better immune system

Like carrots, sweet potatoes have beta-carotene. In your body that turns into vitamin A, which mops up damaging free radicals. This helps bolster the immune system and may even improve the aging process.

Miso soup has been a staple in Japanese quizzn for centuries. Miso is a salty paste from fermented soybeans. It is rich in probiotics that are beneficial for gastrointestinal health and boosting the immune system. A lack of beneficial bacteria or an imbalance of bacteria in the GI tract associates with a variety of medical conditions including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), food allergies, gastroenteritis,inflammatory bowel disease and even certain kinds of cancers. Sipping a cup of miso soup is a great way to introduce beneficial food based probiotics into the GI tract.

Watermelon refreshing when it is ripe and has got plenty of antioxidant called glutathione. It strengthens the immune system so it can fight infection. To get the most glutathione in your watermelon, eat the red pulp flesh near the rind.

Beneficial compounds in pomegranate extracts inhibits the growth of harmful types of bacteria including E coli , Salmonella, Yersinia, Shigella, Listeria, Clostridium, Staphylococcus aureusand other organisms. There is also evidence pomegranate compounds in habit the growth of bacteria in the mouth that contribute to periodontal disease plague build up and gingivitis.pomegranate extract have antiviral properties against the flu herpes and other viruses. In addition to fighting bad viruses and bacteria there is evidence that pomegranate extracts promote the growth of beneficial gut flora that boosts the immune system including Bifidobacterium and lactobacillus.

White tea, green tea or black tea is delivers disease fighting polyphenols and flavonoids. these antioxidants seek out cell damaging free radicals and destroy them. Caffeinated and decaf work equally well.

Another type of antioxidant carotenoids are a class of pigments present in natural in a number of plants. When consumed carotenoids are converted in to vitamin A ( nutrient that helps regulate the immune system). Carotenoids are better absorbed when cooked or eaten with fat.

The deep rich colour of sweet potatoes reflects the high vitamin A content. These bright orange fruit, veggies is effective in  variety of ways. Spinach is a major superfood that is great for your overall health. It packed with digestion regulating fibre and contains vitamin c. A powerful nutrient vitamin c can assist in preventing the common cold and help reduce symptoms of sickness.

Feel free to choose white, green or black each delivers disease fighting polyphenols and flavonoids. This antioxidant seek out cell damaging free radicals and destroyed them caffeinated and the decaf work equally well.

As coronavirus has impacted communities around the World, many people have wondered whether there are steps they can take to stay healthy. Everyday preventive measures such as handwashing, avoiding contact with sick individuals and good hygiene can go a long way in reducing your risk for viruses bacterias and other pathogens.


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