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Tik tok says that it has not revealed any data to foreign country including China

As we all know that the Indian government has banned 59 chinese applications including tiktok recently, after this event of abandonment the tik tok in a meeting assured the indian government that it has not revealed any information of Indian users to any foreign countries including China and also said that they will not do any such things in the near future too.

Tik tok India’s hear Mr. Nikhil Gandhi said that there had been a meeting where the company was invited to meet the Indian stakeholders was to submit reports and clarifications about any such incident. The banned application has been removed from the playstore and is no longer available for the people along with 59 other applications. The Indian IT sector reveals that there has been nothing they have noticed of data transfer in this apps but they were all connected by the same dots which was China and after the deadly attack which took place, made them to block every path with which any one can enter into our country’s information.

Gandhi said that tik tok continues to comply with all the data privacy and security requirements under Indian law and has not shared any kind of information to the outsider. He also added that if at all he is requested in the near future he will not do so. The company places the highest importance in user privacy and integrity.

The statement given by took tok in Tuesday morning however indicated that the company is fighting with us full power to come back and has described the government order to be an interim order. Gandhi also said that tik tok has democratised the internet by making tik tok available in 14 languages and has given a vast platform for artist, performers, actors and talent showcasing groups to show their talent to the world and which was the platform in which many depended for their livelihood and also had given access to the first time internet users to access internet.

However this assertions has not convinced the government yet because a person familiar to the IT development concern said that that have information that these apps are being used to leak information to China, the beauty apps has been the major source to provide information to the pornography industry which was a great threat for the people in India.


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