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LPG prices at its peak

The price of non subsidised lpg or the liquified petroleum gas has been increased by Rupee 1 to direct rs 594 per 14.2 kg cylinder. The prices of these lpg’s has changes in the beginning of this month but this kind of drastic change has been seen for the first time and too in the second consecutive month. In this pandemic the prices of petroleum and Diesel have also seen a price fluctuation. Now the petrol price is 80.13/litre and diesel has come up to 80.19/litre. The biggest oil supplier, Indian Oil Corporation has faced many ups and downs in the recent situation. In February the lpg price had gone up to rs 858.50 in delhi but in this coronavirus outbreak it has now gone down to rs 805.50.

The rate of the log has been hiked by re 1 in Delhi, rs 3.5 in Mumbai, rs 4.50 in kolkata and rs 4 in Chennai. Last month the price of the cylinders was hiked by rs 11.50 in Delhi. The current prices of the Indane cylinders has been shown below which will effect from july 1.

In Delhi current price is 594.00 which was 593.00 in the last month
In Kolkata current price is 620.50 which was 616.00 in the last month
In Mumbai current price is 594.00 which was 590.50 and
In Chennai current price is 610.50 which was 606.50 the last month.
Rates vary from state to state depending on the incidence of local sales tax or VAT.

However the 19kg cylinders price was slashed by rs 4.

In Delhi the current rate is Rs 1135.50 which was Rs 1139.50 previously.
In Mumbai theRthe current rate is Rs 1090.50 which was Rs 1087.50 in the previous month.
In Kolkata the current rate is Rs 1197.50 which Rs 1193.50 in the previous month.
In Chennai the current Rate is Rs 1254 which was Rs 1255 in the previous month.

LPG cylinders are sold at the market price in India but the government transfers the subsidy directly into the account of eligible consumers. interest subsidy is the difference between market and subsidized price of cooking gas. after exhausting the court of 12 cylinder of 14.2 KG each at subsidised price to mistake house with consumers have to buy non subsidised LPG cylinders.
The latest news is that Indian oil Corporation has agreed to form an equal joint venture with Bangladesh’s Beximco lpg to set up auto mineral to import liquefied petroleum gas in Bangladesh.the chairman of Indian oil Mr Sanjay Singh said that “we intend to set up a large lpg terminal at deep water port in Bangladesh which would facilitate the receipt of LPG in very large gas carriers, leading to reduction in cost of import would help make LPG available at an affordable price to the people of Bangladesh.”

The joint venture also intends to diversify into other downstream oil and gas businesses such as lube blending plant, LNG, petrochemicals, LPG export to North East India through pipe line between two Nations and renewable energy.


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