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Mumbai’s rule to fight corona

The Maharashtra government extends the lockdown till july 31. The government also announces these rules to fight against coronavirus.lockdown to be extended till 31st july. Activities in red zone areas to be restricted as usual. There has been more than 20000 cases in 24 hours of corona all over India and mumbai is in the leading position in these cases. As per proceedings the cases can rise upto 5 lakh. Maharashtra, Delhi and Tamil nadu are still on the run to lower its death rate and is trying to stop the spread to this virus. Mumbai’s corona case count has risen to 2 lakh and Delhi to reach 1lakh cases.

Due to the implementation of new rules Mumbai faced traffic jams. Mumbai police has established new checkpoints in every 2km distance and people are being advised to not leave their houses, if at all they have to they are only allowed in their 2 km radius. Mumbai police has become very strict in its rules and are charging high amount of challan for not following this rules. The police has captured more than 7000 vehicles for not following the rules.
On Sunday Maharashtra chief minister Uddhav Thackeray tweeted that we cannot leave this war halfway in this final face the crisis is not over yet I am sure that you will continue to co-operate with the government to ensure that the lockdown is not re in post Jay Hind Jay Maharashtra. He also added that we must take careful steps we will have to use mask and wash hands are you sanitizers for a while as this is for our individual and collective benefit.

Thackrey also said that we need to show more stringentdiscipline and take care of senior citizens and children and leave home only if necessary even the youth must be careful he also thanked all the religious communities for showing restraint during the lock down as several festivals passed through this period.in Mumbai several senior doctors who are above the age of 55 to 60 age and afraid of going to the hospitals the patient’s family is a trusting the loved ones in their hands so Thackeray requested them so that they can come their worries.he said to the doctors that there are no shortage of PP and N95 masks and if any shortage please reach to the government if there is any shortage in medical supplies Maharashtra needs the experience right now.

Thackrey also urged the covid survivors to come forward and donate the plasma to help the current patient recover. He said that the other day he heard on BBC that dexamethasone is being used in treatment and when he inquired with his task force use happy to hear that it was already been used in their hospitals similarly they have also received approval from the centre to use remdesivir and favipiravir for treatment.


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