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Indian Railways to improve their facilities

News are coming from Indian Railways management office that the air system in the AC compartment of the trains will be replaced. Indian Railways focused on the issue of the outbreak if coronavirus and has decided to change the air systems in the trains with fresh air just like operation theatres only to stop the spread of this deadly virus. The News agency of PTI said that the trains which are moving in the national routes have been already installed with this new air system from 12th may. The new air system has been installed in 15 trains till now and is already in the run.

The Railway employees said that the roof mounted AC package which is installed in the AC compartments is being changed frequently to give 80 percent pure and fresh air. Earlier the package was changed after 16 hours which now has been reduced to 7 hours enabling the air to be fresh and pure. For this service the Railways are charging us because too cool down the AC compartments the Railways regulate the air which has already been discharged but now to maintain the purity they have decided to regulate it only once so that the air which the public inhales will be always fresh and pure. So now to regulate this procedure the trains will consume more energy which will directly reflect in the ticket price of the travel.

A new service which has also been started is that from now on Railways will provide us with sanitizers, disposable pillows, blankets and other essential things which will be needed in the whole journey. It’s now upto the traveler of they want.This facility will also be charged and will deduct directly when you buy tickets. This facility will only be given to those who opt for this because now on the temperature of the AC compartmenta will be lowered down to 25 which was earlier 23 so blankets will only be given if you have paid the charges for it.

To prevent the spread to this virus specially the rajdhani trains are instructed to install the air purifiers.

Another news which is coming forward that the Railways has now started the tatkal booking facility which had been stopped temporarily. The tatkal booking facility will be applicable on journeys commencing from June 30 on special trains whose number starts with 0. Prior to this Railways had re-started 30 days advance booking for special trains at Railway reservation counters. The Railways also said that the RAC which is reservation against cancellation tickets and waiting list tickets will be issued in this special trains but waitlisted passengers will not be allowed to board the train.


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