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Delhi’s first Plasma Bank

As per news Delhi is set to open its first plasma Bank. The plasma therapy was successful for delhi when a 49 year old man who received treatment for coronavirus was taken off ventilator support and given this therapy. Clinical trials of plasma therapy was started in Delhi in April.the Delhi government has decided to create a plasma Bank in order to fight coronavirus chief minister Arvind Kejriwal urged to the coronavirus survivors to donate plasma to help other patients recover at a subsequently faster rate. Kejriwal also assured the state government that he will make all the arrangements for the people who want to donate.

TheDelhi government said that the plasma bank will start operating in the capital in the next two working days and also the state government has so far conducted clinical trials of plasma therapy on 29 coronavirus patients and the results was surprising.Delhi’s chief minister said I request all those who have recovered from coronavirus that it’s rare that you get to save lives I request you to please come forward and donate this is the true service of God.he also added that a helpline will be set up by the government for queries related to this donation. Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan hospital director Dr Suresh Kumar said that the plasma bank will it help the next donors with recipients more easily.he also stated that the plasma therapy trial has been done over 20 patients and after it worked they have given this approval to perform it on 200 more patients deaths are becoming very less among patients who are given plasma.

He spoke in detail about the plasma therapy and its protocols he said that the patients of renal failure, alcoholics, cancer patients should not be given this therapy but if patient is less than 55 and has only respiratory issues like oxygen level below 90 those people can be given these therapy if the therapy is given before the multi organ failure stage then survival rate will be even higher.

The plasma therapy is a therapy which involves the transfusion of plasma from survivor of coronavirus patient to a critical patient.it is said that the blood of the recovering patient is rich in antibodies produced by the body to fight the virus which are expected to help the critical patient recover at a fast rate.

The centre has called it an experimental procedure and said there was no concrete evidence to support plasma therapy as coronavirus treatment there have been reports however of covid-19 patients getting cured after undergoing the treatment.

As Delhi is leading in the highest number of coronavirus cases in India it was very important for kejriwal to take an immediate step to prevent spreading of the coronavirus.


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