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Corona testing on wheels

The main motive of every state is to evade corona from their surroundings and declare it a corona free zone but this will only happen if testing of coronavirus is done in a huge way. To find a solution to this problem delhi government has come up with a new way by which people can be tested in an efficient way. There are many cluster regions in delhi were the spread of this deathly virus can occur if proper measures not taken. The district magistrate of delhi’s central district launched a covid-19 testing machine van. This initiative is very unique and a helpful for the citizens in delhi. The main problem which the delhi government faced is the accessibility of testing centers for workers so this mobile corona testing van is launched which can go places to places and test people for coronavirus. This vans speciality is that it is small and can cover a major area by providing its facilities, it can cover narrow lanes and dense areas of the district.

The van has made in such a way that it can collect two samples which includes nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs. These samples when taken will be covered in an air tight container and shifted to the testing area. This vehicle is fitted with an inverter, an ice box to keep samples intact and also with a speaker which can make announcements as they go along the streets. This vehicle has been made not only to save time but also to cover a large area with its mobile nature.

some pictures of the van


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