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WhatsApp is coming with a whole lot of new features

WhatsApp is the most preferred messaging platform in the world and it has achieved this feat by regularly introducing features to both Android and IOS devices. This app has over 2 billion users around the World putting it ahead of Facebook messenger, we chat and many others. The app has a bunch of cool features that can make communication and messaging  simple. We have seen recently that WhatsApp has come with this very cool feature called the dark mode and many others in the last few weeks it has been updated several times each time bringing more useful tools to make it a one stop solution for your communication needs. We already have been introduced with the calling feature of 8 participants altogether.

Here are six such features which WhatsApp is planning to bring in this year 2020 making conversing much more exciting. These features are very important for the growth of this particular application.

The first one is the much awaited multi device feature. With the help of this feature you can login into your whats app account from 4 consecutive devices. Presently you can only operate your whats app account from only one device if this feature comes into force you can easily connect 4 device; whichever device you want to log into you can without any objection. This feature is currently under development and is under coming soon list..

Second feature is search by date feature, This feature is also in the developing phase. The speciality of this feature is that you can search your older messages by just entering the respective date and boom within few seconds all the messages and conversation which took place on that date will emerge. This one is a very helpful feature because currently for reading earlier messages we had to scroll down all over to that date and then got to read but with this feature we can easily skip the scrolling and read the desired message.

Another feature is Message verification and search feature this feature is in the testing phase and is going to be coming soon. It is a very effective feature by which you can verify all the forwarded messages coming to you with google from the search option, this will help you to identify if the source from which the message originated is genuine or fake. This feature when introduced will cut off all the spread of fake and junk news.

Next feature is the feature which will help you to instantly delete all messages of a chat head within no time. This feature will make sure that every messages is being deleted including the photos, voice messages and videos except for the starred messages. If you want to keep some of the important messages you can star them and prevent them from deleting.

Apart from this another feature which is coming is the share chat integration feature which will enable the user to enjoy the shared videos in their chats itself.

Another feature which WhatsApp is coming with is new colour for message bubble, as we have seen they have added the dark mode inorder to protect our eyesight similarly the message bubble will get lighter in colour with this feature. This feature will only be active if you use the dark mode feature, this will protect your eyes from harmful blue rays of the screen while chatting at night. This feature is very effective because usually we use whatsapp at night.

So these are some of the features which whatsapp is going to add for us..
Lastly I want to add that these applications are only and only for our convenience so please dont misuse these applications and use them responsibly.


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