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West Bengal University cancels all the pending exams of undergraduate and postgraduate students

Calcutta University, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of technology and master of human resource development has cancelled all their pending examinations. a notice has been circulated by the government of West Bengal department of higher education today regarding the cancellation of examinations.


A meeting at okakura bhavan on 13th June 2020 was held via video conferencing with all the vice chancellors, pro vice chancellors and the registrars of all the state and universities to discuss the issues related with examinations, academic sessions etc. On the basis of feedback received from them, the consensus arrived at during the meeting and as per the instructions of the competent authority in the state government and advisory on the subject is therefore issued.

The following things are mentioned in the notice it is said that there should be a parity among all universities in the state with regard to the board of evaluation of students in all the streams. For the students in terminal semester/ final semester of the general degree courses at undergraduate or postgraduate level , 80% weight age should be considered on the basis of the best aggregate percentage obtained by the candidate in any of the previous semesters / years results. and 20% on internal assessment during the current semester / year as adopted by the University.

The result of final year / semester may be declared preferably within 31st July 2020.

For the professional courses like engineering, management, pharmacy, teachers training and other professional programs, the universities in the state running professional courses should have parity among themselves regarding the mode of grading / evaluation in the terminal semester by providing 80% weight age on internal assessment / mid semester examination / best of the aggregate of previous semester results and 20% weight age on the basis of assignment based evaluation.

If a student who wishes to appear in a formal examination instead of alternative valuation method as stated above he or she should be given an opportunity to apply for the same through a process to be notified by the concerned University. However, the said exam should be conducted only after the situation gets normalised and the result of the said special exam may be published within one month of the examination being held. The final result marks should be revised as per the students performance in the special examination irrespective of whether he or she secures more or less marks than whatever is awarded to him or her through alternative valuation method would stop to this effect and undertaking me be obtained from the Student before allowing him or her to appear in the special examination.

For the intermediate semesters / years all students shall be promoted to the next semester / year.

The commencement of the next academic session shall be decided by the state government when the covid-19 situation permits so. The commencement date to be decided shall be uniform for all state universities and binding as well.

The portion of the academic session 2019-2020 affected by him position of lock down should be treated as classes attended by all the students / research scholars.

There should be no enhancement in fees and no extra fees would be charged in the name of home assignment through online mode etc.

The government of West Bengal also said that a special grievance cell should be opened in each University / college to deal with the grievances of the students related to the academic and examination due to prevailing situation.

So these were the guidelines from the government of West Bengal regarding the examinations.. hopefully this was helpful to you all.


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