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WARNING for night owls

In this blog I am going to talk about what are the pros and cons of sleeping late at night everyday.stay at home orders and lock down related to the covid-19 pandemic have had a major impact on the daily lives of people around the world and that includes the way that people sleep. Today’s youth having no work at all are are spending most of their time on mobiles, TVS laptops etc just to kill their time. Lack of work pressure in our body stimulates the energy to stay within and the body feels less lethargic hence it takes the body more time to fall asleep. This is the reason that many of us stay awake till late nights with our cellphones in our hands and stick to it…seasons after seasons passes by but we still have the energy to watch all the web series, this creates a disorder in our sleep pattern and makes us feel like jetlag all the day. Sleeping late at night has no positive outcomes but a whole lot of problems. As per a research it is said that late night owls may have high risk of disease which may lead to earlier death.
Here is what many scientists says about sleep irregularity.
insufficient sleep duration, irregular and late sleep timing and social jetlag are common in modern society and such poor sleep health behaviour contribute to and Worsen major health and safety problems including heart disease and stroke, weight gain and obesity diabetes, mood disorders such as depression and anxiety substance abuse and impaired immune health as well as morning sleepiness, cognitive impairment, reduced work productivity, poor school performance and risk of accident, drowsy driving crashes. Wright said our findings provide for the evidence that poor sleep behaviour as are modifiable in University students a better understanding of which factors during stay-at-home orders contributed to change sleep health behaviours and may lead to develop sleep health intervention strategies. Not surprisingly this unprecedented situation of the panndemic and the lockdown increased self received burden and had adverse effects on sleep quality bloom saidon a positive note to the relaxation of social schedules also lead to an improved alignment between external or social factors determining our sleep wake timing and our body’s internal biological signals this was also associated with overall more sleep. From a sleep health perspective the increase in sleep duration and irregularity are welcome changes say the researchers for those having trouble with sleep quality blume suggests engaging in physical activity under the open sky.

when our biological clock is out of sync with societies our whole biology gets thrown off and many aspects of our lives grow more stressful. Having a very late chronotype is like living in a constant state of Jet lagged which takes a toll on the body. Understanding the science of chronology may help us live healthier lives or at the very least it helps us recognise that some people just like to sleep later than others and it’s really ok to be this way we should accommodate and respect it.

Condition that puts people on the extreme end of the night out chronotype faces a hard time falling asleep before 2 or 3 a.m. and prefer to sleep until around noon there is nothing wrong with sleep other than that the schedules for it has shifted. These late sleepers are tired of being judged for a behaviour they cannot easily control. If they can’t change this sleep patterns coma maybe society should become more accepting of them. We tend to assume that late wakers are the partiers the deadbeats the ones were so irresponsible they can’t keep up basics schedule. We should follow common sense for solution. People should be able to sleep when their bodies demanded. Considering the potential health impacts of ignoring a biological clocks for my it seems harmless enough to try.


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