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Chinese hackers plans phishing attack in India

China china china! people all over the world is frustrated with this word and has instilled hatred among us from the day one of the pandemic. Adding more to this hatred here comes another threat from the chinese over India. India is about to face a drastic cyber attack also know as phishing which is going to be attempted by the chinese hackers. This news has been on the headlines in the past few days and now has installed fear in the minds of people. It is said by the top police official of Maharashtra that china has already attempted 40,000 cyber attacks on IT sectors and banking sector in the last five days. All the IT companies and the banks have been cautioned prior this attack. Indian government has asked the people to be alert about the phishing attacks which may steal personal financial information in the grab of the official communication regarding the covid-19 virus. The correct figure of attacks is 40,300 which is done in the last four days, its a huge number and its beyond imagination that information has already been hacked.

The india china tension has added more to this current matter. Clash between india and china was going on due to the incident happened in the border. According to the indian computer emergency response team (CERT) the phishing attack campaign by malious actors will start from june 1. The CERT is fully responsible for the country’s security and has warned the central of the ways it might apply to get into our cyber informations. The phishing campaign is expected to use malicious email under the pretext of local authorities which attract and drive the recipients towords fake websites where they are deceived into downloading malicious file or entering personal and financial information, as said by CERT. The securities of Indian agencies have identified more than 50 Chinese mobile applications which will pose a great threat to India security according to reports filed by the security agencies data which is important will be sent out to China through these applications, The famous applications by China are zoom, tik tok, shareit and UC browser.

The informations revealed that these attacks have been originated from sichuan province of China where exactly the China’s cyberwarfare headquarters are located. To prevent yourselves from this kind of phishings these are the steps you must need to follow:
First of all check the recipient of email it is very important to check the recipient of email before replying to it.Tthe Chinese attackers are using a spoofed email address with the gov.in suffix attached to it.
Second of all do not open attachments send on email many of these emails contain attachments which may be disguised as PDF and other malicious websites where you are being redirected to.Hence be sure to not open any email attachments unless the mail has come from a person or source you know.
Thirdly, continuously check your bank account and verify and cross verify links before downloading or transacting on them and report any suspicious activity to alert authorities do not hesitate.


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