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Trump to suspend new visas

The upcoming elections in the united States of america has made trump to do everything by which he can secure his seat. Donal trump the president of america has decided to suspend new visas including the H-1B category which is for Indian and IT professionals, at least until the end of this year to protect his citizens and the American workers which the white house said will help the coronavirus baffered economy. The cancellation of visas will take place from june 24. The order is exmpted for the US natives and the citizens who already posses the citizenship card and also the abroad visa holders regarding they have an official travel document stating permission into the US. The affected visa categories are H-2B consisting the seasonal non farm labour, H-4 which is for children and spouses of H-1B category, H-2B holders, J-1 comprising the educational and cultural exchange, J-2 i,e the spouses and children of J-1, L-1 which is high level and specialisted company employees and L-2 their children and spouses. Donald trump’s another intention other than protecting his country from this virus is also to open up employment schemes for them, he said that the visa suspension which will take place this wednesday and till the end of the year will provide job opportunities for the US workers. Around 5,25,000 jobs will be open up for them.


This proclamation has disheartened the Indian tech industry. Indian IT industry’s apex body Nasscom has criticised the order saying it is” misguided and harmful to the US economy… We urge the administration to shorten the duration of these restrictions to 90 days. Lengthening these burdensome restrictions on US companies that are trying to recover from the economic fallout of the covid-19 pandemic will only serve to harm the economy.” They added on and said that the US government should go through this proclamation one more time and should move forward with a set of regulatory changes which would benefit both the economies.

This decision will affect a large number of companies majorly the IT professionals as well as the US companies whose workers were given the H-1B visas by the US government whose duration will end next year, they have to wait a whole year before approaching the US diplomatic missions to get stamping.

The Google CEO, Sundar Pichai said “ America’s continued success depends on companies having access to the best talent from around the world…disappointed by the proclamation”

Amazon: Preventing high skilled professionals from entering the country and contributing to America’s economic recovery puts its global competitiveness at risk.

Facebook: Highly skilled visa holders play a critical role in driving innovation, that’s something we should encourage, not restrict.

In April Donald Trump signed an immigration proclamation targeting people outside of the US seeking permit to legally migrate to US with some exceptions. The new visas introduced are the L-1 visas for intra company transfers, H-1Bs for workers in speciality occupations as well as the H-4 visas for spouses, H-2Bs for temporary non- agricultural workers and most J-1 visas for exchange visitors. The new rules would apply only to those who are outside the US, do not have a non immigrant visa and an official travel document other than a visa to enter the US.


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