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Apple to shift all its production from China to India

Apple is one of the big tech technology companies other than Amazon, Google Microsoft and Facebook is an American multinational technology company, which is headquartered Cupertino, California is about to shifts its i phone SE production from china to India as said by the reports. They have decided to assemble the 2020 i phone SE in India, if this happens this technology giant will be able to avoid tax which is levied on the most affordable version of its iphone imported into the country.

As per the news reports the major of the technology has asked at least one of its suppliers in china to ship components for the 2020 iphone SE to India. It seems not only Indian but many companies from all around the globe want to cut all their connections from China in order to maintain a safe decorum. The tech giant has many plans coming forth to meet their demands of smart phones in India; the manufacturing of the ihone xr and the launch of iphone11 has already took place in India the previous year which resulted in the shipment grow by 78% in the first quarter itself. Apple has also decided to shift its 20% production from china to India, its been revealed that Apples’s senior executive and the Indian government top ranking officials has been discussing on this plan earlier as on one fifth of the production will be shifted. Around $40 billion dollar worth of mobile phones manufacturing will be commenced here.

The Indian government introduced an production link incentive to attract companies from all over the world to set their business in our land, after this peril all the companies who had their business collaboration with China has now made up their mind to exit from their alliance. Apple is likely to be the first tech giant to start this by commencing their majority production here in India as they only produces a couple of phone models now plans to start in a big scale. These include the iphone 7, XR, which are made by contract manufactures Foxconn and Wistron. Apple is looking forward to make India the largest base for manufacturing their phones which will be explored worldwide. Though the company has retail outlets here which makes around $1.5 billion dollars is not sufficient, but if the production shifts here it will be great for the company’s growth.


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