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Sonia Gandhi takes a major stand for the JAWANS in the all party meeting

An all party meeting was held in the prime minister’s office at Delhi on 19th June after 20 Indian troops got killed at Ladakh. This meeting was conducted to discuss all the current measures the government is ought to take against china and the amount of surveillance check to be insured. The meeting’s invitation was given to all the current ruling party leaving behind the Aam Admi Party (AAP), the Rashtriya Janta Dal (RJD) and Asasduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM. All these party including the MP Owaisi’s All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen expressed their agitation regarding this meeting several hours before it began but no such efforts were being taken by the PMO to send them a last minute invite. A letter of protest was also shared on social media by RJD Rajya sabha MP, Manoj kumar jha expressing deep anguish on being left out of the meeting despite being the principal opposition force in bihar.

In this whole meeting Sonia Gandhi took the spotlight and asked several pointed question on the government’s failure in protecting their infantry. She sought an assurance from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to restore “status quo ante” on the China border. Some of her questions were: “the question is, what next? What is the way forward? She spoke on behalf of the whole country to restore the status quo ante and make China revert back to the original position on the line of actual control. She went on to say that “we in the congress believe that valuable time was lost between May 5 and June 6, the date on which the corps commander meeting took place”. She urged the prime minister to kindly share with all, the facts and the sequence of events which started this April this year till date. She added: “when did the government find out about the Chinese transgressions into our territory? Was it on May 5, as reported or earlier? Does the government not receive, on a regular basis, satellite pictures of the borders of our country? Did our external intelligence agencies not report any unusual activity along the LAC whether on the Chinese side or on the Indian side?”.

Many media reported by publishing articles about the Chinese intrusion but the government kept on denying any incursion, after saying this Sonia paid homage to the slain soldiers. In Sonia’s view the meeting should have been conducted much sooner when the government was informed about the intrusion on May 5. In concluding herself she showed deep regrets and exclaimed that even in this late stage they all are still in the dark about many crucial matters and aspects of the crisis. At last Sonia summoned the government to take all the opposition parties and the country into confidence and brief them regularly, so that a picture of unity and solidarity may be drawn.

CPM leader Sitaram Yechury also agreed with Sonia and demanded high level talk with Chinese leader regarding the LAC. According to him those Jawans would have been saved with timely information. In the end it was decided that the situation would be handeled in a responsible manner and both sides would implement the disengagement understanding of June 6 sincerely. Neither side will take any actions and work with tranquillity and harmony.

Samajwadi party leader Ram Gopal Yadav said that the intentions of both our neighbours have never been positive and should not be trusted. Whereas Trinamool Congress leader Mamta Banerjee stated that restrictions should be imposed on china on entering the key industries, especially the telecom , railways and aviation.


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