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Google Meet coming to Gmail app for iOS, Android: Here’s how to use

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the world saw an increased need for video conferencing solutions. While Zoom rose to popularity, Google also trailed the platform with its Google Meet service, which the company also integrated into the Gmail web a while ago.

Google has also started rolling out the Google Meet feature within the Gmail app for iOS and Android devices. The tech giant said that “in the coming weeks”, users will see a new Meet tab within the Gmail app where they can see upcoming meetings scheduled in Google Calendar, and easily join them with a tap. Once available, users will no longer need the standalone Google Meet app and can access the service directly through the Gmail app.

How to start Google Meet video call from Gmail app

Google says that the Meet video calls in the Gmail app work the same as the Meet app, but with some differences to the user interface. Users can open the Meet tab within the Gmail app to see the options to start a new meeting where they can add participants by sharing the meeting code and link via email or phone.

How to join Google Meet video call from Gmail app

Joining Google Meet video calls is even simpler. The Gmail app basically replaces the Google Meet for the users to participate in a video call on the Meet. Users can join meetings in the Gmail app by tapping the Meet link in Google Calendar or through a Meet link shared through Gmail, Google Chat, or a third party application. The procedure is the same for both Android and iOS platforms.

On the computer, the Google Meet tab is available below the mail category tab. Users can click on “Start a meeting” to open a new window for the video call. They can invite users by sharing the meeting link or sending the dial-in number with PIN.


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